Aluminum Trellis / Sun Shade
Hansen is the nation’s trusted, top fabricator of custom, aluminum, sun control products, including sun shades, trellis structures, aluminum awnings, and canopies. Our skilled designers and engineers create elegant shading systems for every type of commercial application.
Commercial Aluminum Trellis / Sun Shade Examples
We handle the design, engineering, fabrication, and powder coating of our sun control systems in our own, state-of-the-art, manufacturing facilities. We even offer installation services in the regions where we maintain contractor licenses.
Commercial Aluminum Trellis Colors
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Why Hansen Aluminum Trellis / Sun Shade
Here are just a few reasons people pick Hansen aluminum railing
Commercial Aluminum Trellis / Sun Shade viewability

Our sun control products are engineered with ease of erection in mind, which translates into dramatically lower installation costs. With the use of factory-welded assemblies and modular design, our trellis and sun shade systems install quickly and easily.
Commercial Aluminum Trellis / Sun Shade  mountability

Our team will determine the need for any reinforcement that may be required in the mounting substrates and communicate that data to our client in a timely manner.
Commercial Aluminum Trellis / Sun Shade durability

All of our trellis and sun control products are available in either an anodized coating or a marine-grade, powder coated finish. We use only stainless steel hardware with all of our products.
Commercial Aluminum Trellis / Sun Shade Accountability

Choose from a pre-engineered and pre-fabricated, material package, or our fully-installed, “Turn-key” program.
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From simple, window sun shade systems to complex, commercial, trellis and canopy systems, Hansen is your source for high-quality, pre-engineered, sun control products that will make your project stand out.