Hansen Architectural Systems designs and manufactures a series of high-quality, aluminum canopy structures with transparent polycarbonate covers, door awning covers, and polycarbonate cover systems for existing pergola and trellis structures.  Our canopy structures are made for roof mount, ledger mount, or stand alone applications. All of our patio cover systems offer an integrated gutter and downspout hardware.

We manufacture all of the aluminum components in our facility, and all of our aluminum structures receive our durable powder coated finishes, which are guaranteed not to crack or blister. Our polycarbonate canopy sheets and pergola covers systems offer complete transparency, and are available in clear or 50% bronze tint options. Our polycarbonate is completely UV resistant, and carries a warranty against yellowing and cracking.

Let Hansen create a truly transparent patio cover system for your home so that you can keep out the rain and harsh sunlight while still being able to look at the stars at night!

Custom order colors available.